Mr. Wadie Samih Abboud has a professional career of 40 years where he possesses hands-on experiences of industry. He achieved his Master’s degree in Petroleum Geology from Sindh University, Pakistan in 1971.

He has been a distinguished lecturer at Mosul University, Iraq from 1974-1976. He then devoted his career in research where he served at the research department of Arab Fertilizers Federation in Kuwait from 1976-1990. He resumed his teaching practice in Al Ain University, Abu Dhabi branch from 2012 that he continues till date.

Mr. Abboud focused his research on Chemical Fertilizers and their raw materials and published the following:

“Phosphate rocks resources and deposits in the Arab World” which was presented during the 3rd Mineral Resources Conference in Rabat –Morocco

He has presented several papers on fertilizers, their raw materials, production, consumption and trade at seminars and conferences throughout Middle East and other countries.