Dr. Umar Kayani

Assistant Professor
Prof. Amjad D. Al Nasser




Dr. Umar Nawaz Kayani is working as an Assiatant Professor at Al Falah University, Dubai. He is an energetic and ambitious academician and researcher who graduated from Lincoln University, New Zealand with a Ph.D. in Accounting and Finance. Recently, he completed his Post-Doctoral fellowship from the Istanbul Sehir University, Turkey. He was awarded Lincoln University Doctoral Scholarship and Lincoln University Summer Research Scholarship. During his stay at Lincoln University, New Zealand he worked as a teaching and research fellow as well.

He was actively involved in community engagement as a member of Post-Graduate Committee and as a member of Student’s Voice Committee of Lincoln University Student’s Association. Dr. Umar has published in various renowned and reputed journals of Accounting and Finance and is a reviewer for many renowned international journals and served as conference chair for various international conferences. He has presented his research work at various international conferences; he won the outstanding paper award at 17th Global Business Research Conference, Tokyo, Japan. He has supervised number of MBA and MPhil students.

Besides academia, he also worked for 10 years as Quality Assurance and Accreditation expert at higher education commission of Pakistan, which is an apex regulatory sector in the country looking after the academic, governance and financial matters of more than 215 higher education Instituions in the country.

Academic Profile


Post-Doctorate (Accounting)

Istanbul Sehir University, Turkey.

PhD (Accounting & Finance)

Lincoln University Christchurch, New Zealand.

M.Phil. (Government & Public Policy)

National Defence University, Islamabad, Pakistan.

MBA (Accounting & Finance)

Foundation University Islamabad, Pakistan.

B.Sc. (Mathematics & Physics)

University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan.


      • Certified Public Accountant, Institute of Certified Public Accountant of Pakistan.


      • Chairman, Assessment Review and Auditing Committee
      • Member, Advising, Admission, and Transfers Committee
      • Member, Scientific Research Committee
      • Member College Examination Board
      • Accounting Internship Supervisor


      • Principles of Accounting 1
      • Intermediate Accounting 1
      • Intermediate Accounting 2
      • Accounting Information Systems
      • International Financial Reporting Standards
      • Accounting Internship
      • Managerial Finance
      • Investment Management
      • Financial Markets and Institutions
      • Project Management


Scientific Research

Scopus Documents


      • Working Capital Management
      • Corporate Governance
      • Corporate Social Responsibility
      • Financial Performance


      • Haleema, Kayani, U. N., & Haider, Arslan (2021). The Project Communication and Project Success Nexus an Organizational Cultural Context- Mediating Role of Trust and Moderating Role of Authentic Leadership. International Journal of Business Communication (Scopus Indexed).
      • Kayani, U. N., De Silva, T. A., & Gan, C. (2021). Corporate Governance and Working Capital Management - Inclusive Approach for Measuring the Firm Performance Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies (Scopus Indexed).
      • Kayani., Bilal Nawaz, & Kayani, U.N. (2021). Factors Affecting Organizational Committment of Employees: Evidence from Pakistan, ustralian Journal of Business and Management Research, 6 (1), 13-27 (ABDC List).
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      • Haider, S.A. and Kayani, U.N. (2020), The impact of customer knowledge management capability on project performance-mediating role of strategic agility, Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print. (Scopus Indexed).

      • Kayani, U. N., De Silva, T. A., & Gan, C. (2020). Working Capital Management and Firm Performance Relationship: An Empirical Investigation of Australasian Firms. Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies. (Scopus Indexed).

      • Kayani, U. N., Hussain, S. B., & Nawaz, S. (2020). Whether Capital Asset Pricing Model Matters: Pakistani Banking Sector, Journal of Managerial Sciences, Volume 14 Issue 1 (HEC Pakistan Indexed).

      • Zainab, Haider, Kayani, U. N.& Nawaz, S (2020), Impact of Ambidextrous Leadership on Project Success with the Mediating Role of Innovation and Moderating Role of Self-Efficacy, Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences, Volume (13), Issue (1), 2020 (HEC Pakistan Indexed).

      • Faiz, Shazia., Rubab & Kayani, U.N. (2020). Impact of work-family conflict on deviant workplace behavior through stress and burnout A sequential mediation model, Journal of Business and Tourism, 6(1), 289-302 (HEC Indexed).

      • Kayani, U. N., De Silva, T. A., & Gan, C. (2019). Working capital management and corporate governance: a new pathway for assessing firm performance. Applied Economics Letters, 26(11), 938-942 (Scopus Indexed).

      • Kayani, U. N., De Silva, T. A., & Gan, C. (2019). A systematic literature review on working capital management–an identification of new avenues. Qualitative Research in Financial Markets (Scopus Indexed).

      • Zaman, R., Bahadar, S., Kayani, U. N., & Arslan, M. (2018). Role of media and independent directors in corporate transparency and disclosure: evidence from an emerging economy. Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society, 18(5), 858-885 (Scopus Indexed).

      • Kayani, F. N., & Kayani, U. N. (2017). Inward Foreign Direct Investment, Resident Patents, and Economic Growth: Co-integration, Error Correction Model, and Causality Analyses for China. Journal of Economic & Management Perspectives, 11(4), 381-389 (Scopus Indexed).

      • Nadeem, M., De Silva, T. A., & Kayani, U. N. (2016). Predicting corporate financial distress for New Zealand listed firms using intellectual capital indicators. New Zealand Journal of Applied Business Research, 14(2), 1 (ABDC-Ranked).


      • Ceo Compensation And Say On Pay: Does Ceo-To-Employee Pay Ratio Matters? Presented at 4th International Virtual Conference TASK 4, 2021, Al Falah University, Dubai, UAE.
      • Investigating The Impact Of Covid-19 on Financial Aspects of Businesses: Evidence from the Developed & Emerging Market. Presented at 4th International Virtual Conference TASK 4, 2021, Al Falah University, Dubai, UAE.
      • Does Working Capital Management Matter? An Empirical Investigation of Australasian Firms in the Context of the Global Financial Crisis 2008. Presented at 17th Global Business Research Conference, 2018, Tokyo, Japan.

      • Does working capital management affect firm performance in New Zealand? A Dynamic Panel Estimation. Presented at 9th NZ Management and Accounting Conference, 2017 at Canterbury University, Christchurch.

      • Working Capital Management -A Systematic Literature Review.1st International Conference on Advances in Business, Management, and Law (ICABML-2017) 25th & 26th November 2017, Dubai Business School, University of Dubai, Dubai, UAE, 

      • Mobility of Pakistani students towards Turkey presented at IKDER economics Association, 2013, Istanbul, Turkey.

      • Quality of International Education in the Accreditations Councils and In the Private Sector Universities of Pakistan. Cambridge Business & Economics Conference, 2012, London.
      • Quality Assurance Initiative of Higher Education Commission For Research Based Degrees In Pakistani HEIs- Arab Network for Quality in Higher Education, 2011, Abu Dhabi.

      • Skills Training for External Quality Review- Quality Assurance Agency – UK, 2012

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