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Research and Innovation are critical to maintaining continued social and economic progress. We are determined to ensure that Al Falah University (AFU) to be recognized among the best ten universities in the UAE and region; this vision can be achieved in strategically important research areas of relevance and impact to the economy and society which is a crucial element in delivering this ambition. Research prioritization reflects the Government’s commitment to placing innovation at the heart of enterprise policy so that we can continue to capitalize on the opportunities that exist in locally, regionally, and internationally. The AFU research priority themes are aligned with its vision, mission, and the need of UAE community.

Research Themes

Each college council has set its own priority research themes as following:

College of Business Administration

  • Accounting, Finance, Firms and Governance
  • Technology and Innovation Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Ethics, and Accountability
  • Work, People, Entrepreneurship, and Organizational Research

College of Mass Communication

  • Digital Communication Studies
  • Communication Strategies
  • The Modern Public Relation Management and Branding
  • Sustainability, big data and AI

College of Law

  • Alternatives to a criminal case
  • Autonomous ships.
  • The role of legal legislation in the COVID 19 crisis.
  • Intellectual property issues with technology and social media
  • Problems of the contractual relationship considering the Corona pandemic.

College of Arts and Humanities

  • Contemporary Jurisprudential Issues
  • Ancient Literature
  • Modern Literature
  • Modern Poetry and Prose
  • Theater Arts
  • Children's Literature
  • Literature in UAE and Its Development


AFU International Conference: Towards Advanced Scientific Knowledge is a multidisciplinary conference that covers interrelated topics which are under the umbrella of Business Sciences. We live in the digital era where new emerging technologies and new media have made tremendous and transformative impacts in businesses

Research Workshops

In Association with the University of Salento, Italy The College of Business Administration hosted the “Business Data Analysis: A Crossroad between Research and Education”

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