AFU Deanship of Student Affairs Vision

The AFU Deanship of Student Affairs aims to sustain an innovative environment for its diverse student population. This environment will help them to reach their maximum potential through motivation, accessibility, and support, based on the value added by student experiences involving logical reasoning, critical thinking, applied skills and creativity.


AFU Deanship of Student Affairs Mission Statement

The mission of AFU Deanship of Student Affairs is to provide comprehensive, multi – disciplinary, best practice services and programs to all students in support of the University’s academic mission, empowering its students to achieve their educational potential. The Deanship of Student Affairs works closely with faculty, staff, students and the community to create an inspiring and comprehensive educational environment, which will encourage students’ development and growth.

The AFU Deanship of Student Affairs promotes excellence through services and programs that are designed to demonstrate caring and personal consideration. This commitment to students starts with admission and continues through registration and enrollment as well beyond graduation.