Duties & Responsibilities

  • Providing Leadership and supervising all activities planning, organizing and coordination in line with AFU goals, policies and objectives.
  • Applying and maintaining AFU structure, and employment to successfully achieve the University’s goals and objectives, including recruitment, training, supervision, professional development, and evaluation of Students Affairs staff.
  • Providing vision and leadership for new student services initiatives and ensures the continual improvement of student support programs.
  • Developing campus life and encourage student participation and leadership through a variety of campus activities, student clubs, and student council
  • Identify and provide resources to support availability of a wide variety of activities and opportunities to engage all students, faculty, staff, and external community members
  • Developing and maintaining effective collaborative relationships with departments and units at the University
  • Implementing of best practices in counseling services within an ethical framework and the highest professional standards.
  • understanding student services needs on an individual basis, and initiates recommendations to appropriate student and/or academic services; advises students on policy issues, acts as student advocate, and resolves problems as necessary
  •  Preparing students with required tools by providing them with professional job seeking skills: Resume and portfolio preparation, Interviewing &networking techniques
  • Assisting students in achieving career-related experience via: Internships and Part-time employment
  • Working close with Counseling Center to provide consultation regarding student’s psychological concerns

Deanship of Student Affairs Components:

  1. Student Council
  2. Student Sports
  3. Student Counselling
  4. Student Career Development
  5. AFU Clinic
  6. AFU Alumni