Recruitment Policy

The AFU recruitment policy provides general guidelines about the recruitment standards and procedures in order to assure that most qualified candidates in their respective areas of specialization are selected and recruited.

AFU practices an equal opportunity and non-discriminatory recruitment policy with respect to candidate’s gender, religion, race, or physical disabilities. Selection criteria include the following:

  1. Relevant academic qualification, with a degree granted by a reputed institution.

  2. Sound record of work experience in the relevant field demonstrating the ability to integrate knowledge to related areas.

  3. Experience in teaching and the application of knowledge in the particular field of specialization

  4. Articles published in reputable journals

The recruitment process is divided in two phases:

Phase 1

In the first phase the recruitment needs are identified by college/department and description of the position, qualification responsibilities is submitted to HRD along with justification of the vacant position. HRD advertises the vacancy details, receives applications, and submits the screened applications to the particular College/Department for review.

Phase 2

Selection committee at the College/Department evaluates applicants, conducts interviews and submits the qualified candidates ranking list to the VPAA, who will review the list before sending it to The University President for final approval. Once the final selection is made the applicant’s details are sent to HRD for further process. After fulfilling the legal requirements; staff is brought on board.