Quality Assurance & Institutional Effectiveness Center (QAIEC)

The QAIEC plays a key role across the university in planning, monitoring, evaluating and reporting of quality performances. The QAIEC has the responsibility of implementing activities that target to address the mission of the university in order to meet the AFU strategic goals. It focuses on ensuring excellent practice of a quality assurance functions to be implemented in the university by fulfilling the CAA-MOE 2011 standards. The QAIEC has a clearly defined vision, mission and responsibilities which indicate the commitment of the university to continuous improvement.


The QAIEC envision to fertilize a culture of continuous quality improvement within AFU to positioning the university internationally through the effectiveness in planning and delivering services, and realizing intended outcomes.


To ensure the high quality standards are implemented and effectively managed in AFU, and to promote confidence in the academic provision (teaching, research and community services); and that the quality up to the international standards. Also, to create cost effective framework of excellence and continuous quality improvement at AFU, and to be the main data providers for decision making and quality enhancement in the university.


In order to accomplish its vision and mission, the QAIEC carries out a number of activities including the following:

  • Monitoring and evaluation of academic integrity;
  • Evaluation of faculty members’ performances is teaching, research and community engagement;
  • Setting standardized procedures for course and program development in line with the CAA standards;
  • Conducting an annual appraisal of the colleges’ plans and achievements;
  • Organizing awareness-raising seminars to help explain the principles of quality assurance to AFU faculty and staff;
  • Proposing remedies for gaps in performance;
  • Providing training in the use of information resources;
  • Providing information and expertise in the areas of assessment, strategic planning, and public accountability;
  • Providing data analysis, decision support, and institutional effectiveness information;
  •  Providing a variety of data about faculty issues including teaching loads, course enrollment, department faculty distribution, comparative and equity salary and analyses of staffing trends and salaries;
  • Ensure that AFU meets all its policy statement requirements.
  • Compile and maintain all publications relevant to QAIEC.
  • Make a final review of reports made to accrediting agencies to ensure compliance with the requirements of each agency.
  • Review university publications to ensure compliance with policy statements.