Bachelor of Mass Communication in Public Relations

  • Years to Completion: 4
  • Credit Hours: 126hrs
  • Language: Arabic

About the Program

AFU degree in Bachelor of Mass Communication in Public Relations aims to produce graduates with high standards of quality and creativity who can effectively meet the needs of this sector, which is increasingly broad-based, dynamic and undergoing constant innovation. The aim of this program is to enable students to understand the principles of public relations and advertising and to explain the ways in which they can be used to develop successful PR and advertising strategies that will help the expanding sector in the UAE.

After attaining this degree, you will be able to work in:

  • Institutional communication.
  • Public relations and marketing.
  • Organizing events and conferences.
  • Advertising.
  • Media and advertising consultations.
  • Production and implementation of public relations publications.
  • Media campaigns and advertising.
  • Customer Service
  • English Language, Arabic Language Requirements (minimum score):

EmSAT (Arabic)

EmSAT (English)




950 - 1075

iBT 52

Computer-based 139

Paper-based 450


  • Obtain the minimum passing score in high school.

To be eligible for the award of a degree, a student must:

  • Successfully complete all the courses and requirements of the program of study as mentioned in the program study plan.
  • Spend the minimum period, stipulated for the award of the degree, and not exceed the maximum period as specified in each program. However, students transferred from other universities/colleges must earn at least 50% of the required credits for undergraduate, in order to graduate at Al Falah University.
  • All financial obligations of the student towards the University must be settled through the clearance process. As well as completing the end of program evaluation surveys.
  • All Students eligible for graduation need to fill out the Application Form for Graduation during the registration period of the last expected semester of study and to submit it to the Admission and Registration Unit.
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