25 Jan 2021
Why do we need to get vaccinated


Subject: Why do we need to get vaccinated


Vaccines are a safe and effective mean to protect individuals from various dangerous diseases. The vaccines are designed to build resistance to the virus it was intended to combat. Additionally, vaccines also strengthen the immune system to make antibodies that prevent the spread of the virus.

COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective for controlling the spread of the virus and for the society to attempt to go back to normal life.

The United Arab Emirates provided the vaccines for free to the public based on their effectiveness and safety.

The vaccine is one of the effective ways to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. Although, it is still necessary and important to adhere to all precautionary measures, such as maintaining an adequate from others, washing hands frequently and wearing the mask properly.

The vaccine will not infect the vaccinated with the virus. Rather, the vaccine will direct your immune system to recognize the virus, it is intended to resist.