22 Feb 2016
What will Happen if the Oxygen Disappeared From World?


Subject: What will Happen if the Oxygen Disappeared From World?


Science has the Answers

What will happen if the Oxygen Disappeared From World?

Most people think that oxygen is just for respiration, but the truth is, that it has many other essential roles, that keep our planet and our life stable

Let us take a look at the impact of oxygen absence from our life:

  1. The people will get sunburn, because the oxygen protects us from the Sun's Harmful Rays.
  2. The boatful blue sky, it will become black.
  3. Oxygen make up 45% of the earth’s crust, without it, the earth will crumble.
  4. All Iron pieces will Stuck with each other, because one thing prevent to this happen, is a layer of oxidation.
  5. All building  will become dust, because the oxygen make concrete as a solid  
  6. The seas and oceans will turn to gas, (the Combination of water is H2O, without oxygen become just H2 gas of hydrogen.

And many impacts can happen without the most important element to ensure the continuity of life, save the oxygen to keep our planet green.   


The Source: National Geographic

Edit by Waleed Zidan