30 Dec 2020
UAE Achievements in 2020


Subject: UAE Achievements in 2020


The achievements of the United Arab Emirates during the year 2020 aptly called “The Year of Preparing for its Fifty Years” is an exceptional year of success for the development and future of the country in all sphere of influence, despite the difficult situation the world is experiencing as a result of the global pandemic, Covid-19.

The UAE, with the vision of its wise leadership, has succeeded in transforming challenges into opportunities for creativity and development. UAE had great achievements during the year 2020 including the launch of the Hope Probe, the Mars Discovery Journey, in addition to operating the first phase of the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant and limiting the spread of the Covid virus – 19. According to a report by Forbes magazine, the UAE ranked first in the Arab world and ninth in the world in the index of countries safer from the "Covid 19" virus, which has strong indications of the strength of the UAE’s health care system and its ability to handle worst medical issues.

  • UAE continued to reinforce its message calling for peace and tolerance, rejecting intolerance in all its forms, and pioneering in leading the world towards stability and coexistence. Its efforts this year culminated in the peace treaty, "the Abraham Agreement."
  • In 2020, UAE secured its position in the club of leading countries in the field of space exploration and the development of international cooperation.
  • UAE's announcement of a moon exploration project as the first Arab space mission to explore the moon which includes the development and launch of the first Emirati moon explorer under the name "Rashid", named after the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, founder of modern Dubai. The explorer will be designed and built with 100 percent Emirati efforts, making UAE the fourth country in the world to participate in the missions of moon exploration after the United States of America, the former Soviet Union, and China.
  • The launch of the mini environmental satellite "MuznSat", which is the first satellite for environmental purposes in the country. The first of its kind, MuznSat was designed and developed by 30 students from Khalifa University of Science and Technology and the American University of Ras Al Khaimah.
  • In the “Year of Preparing for its Fifty Years” 2020, UAE also acquired its position among the top ten countries in terms of global competitiveness and supported women's rights. UAE also managed to establish and achieve economic and social stability for the citizens.
  • The UAE ranked first in the Gulf and the Arab world in the value of the per capita share of total health spending.
  • The year 2020 witnessed the breaking of records, as the international rating agency "Moody's" granted the United Arab Emirates an Aa2 rating in creditworthiness, which is the highest sovereign rating in the region.

UAE topped the index of food, water and electricity safety provided to its citizens around the world, according to the results of a global opinion poll carried out by the American Gallup Foundation for Research and Management Consulting.

Promoting human rights is another step the UAE is taking forward amidst cultural diversity. The UAE recognized the right of every foreigners and expatriates living in the country.

The development, political, cultural and sports achievements of the UAE in the year 2020 represent a great success story achieved at a time when the whole world suffers from difficulties and hardships resulting from a viral outbreak. UAE succeeded among other countries in facing this pandemic with a precise strategy that made it an inspiration to be followed. UAE begins its preparation for the celebration of its fiftieth year with strength, effectiveness, maturity and vitality, fortifying that 2021 will be an exceptional year in which our country celebrates the achievement of the goals of its development and the outcome of years of hard work.

Source: UAE Government