The Story of the First Martyr in the History of the United Arab Emirates


On the thirtieth of November 1971, the 20-year -old head of Ras Al Khaimah’s police force, Salim bin Suhail bin Khamis Zeil died from defying and standing up for United Arab Emirates even before the union proclamation.

He was a police officer killed during the attack by Iran soldiers on the Tunb Island. The invaders shot him for refusing to lower the flag from his post at the police station. The intruders took the residents of the island to Ras Al Khaimah but they bury Salim’s body on the island.

Salim bin Suhail bin Khamis Zeil’s family believe it is an honor to have Commemoration Day celebrated on the day of his death and be remembered as the country’s first martyr.




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