29 Jul 2020




Since there is no guarantee that schools and universities would be back to “normal” anytime soon, there are some parents and students who prefer to continue with the current set-up: online learning.

Obviously, there are advantages and disadvantages to this arrangement. But the main takeaway for us should be that this system works in helping flatten the curve and limit the spread of Covid 19 among the students.

If you find yourself among those who could not bear online learning and just want everything to go back to normal, there are things you could do to be keen on this new learning structure.

Stick to your usual routine

The first indication that something’s changed is when our routine became different. To make you feel like everything is still the same, you have to do the same things you do before you go to class. Set up your alarm the same time. Eat breakfast. Take a bath and change into your nice clothes instead of attending your classes in your pajamas. This way you could program your brain into thinking that everything is still the same.

Have a designated “study” space

Since you would not be leaving your home, it’s easier to just stay in bed and attend your classes while lying down, especially if there is no need for you to turn on your camera. But this should not be the case. If you don’t have your own study desk and table in your room, still designate a part of your room or your house as your study space. When you have your own space, you would not need to lug all your books and notebooks every time you have a class because they are all in one place. And even if you are sleepy but you sit in your workspace, your brain would tell the rest of your body that you need to wake up because it’s time for you to study.

Don’t do things you would not normally do while in class

Just because your instructor or your classmates could not see you, do not mean you are free to do anything you want. Remember you want to keep the experience as same as possible as when you are still going to your school or university daily. Avoid being on your phone while your professor is conducting their lecture. Don’t turn on the TV or listen to music or surf the Internet. You would lose your concentration and focus and it might seriously affect your grades.

When it’s break time, take a break

There might be a notion that online learning is like a break itself since you are learning within the comforts of your own home. This is a misconception. Still adhere to your class’ timings. When it’s break time, step away from your computer or laptop. Eat in your dining room. Step outside for a while and breathe in fresh air. Talk to your family because when the time comes that you can go back and study at your school or university, you would miss them since you’d only see them again when all of you are home. 

We might resent the “new normal” but there is nothing we could really do about it but to follow. We just have to look for the silver lining in every situation to help us cope. Besides, during this time of global pandemic it’s better to be safe than sorry.