10 Aug 2020
How to Keep Your New Academic Year Resolutions


Subject: How to Keep Your New Academic Year Resolutions


Are you one of those students who keep on promising their parents and their instructors that they will do better the next semester or the next academic year? And are you one of those students who fail on keeping these resolutions? Fret not, you are not the only one. But if you are reading this, it means you want to change that awful habit and become more proactive for the upcoming academic year. So, congratulations! You are one step closer to accomplishing those promises.

Start determining your resolutions early

The beginning of an academic year could be overwhelming. And if you are preparing for it, the night before, chances are you’d feel swamped the next day because your whole disposition is still on holiday mode. It is recommended that as soon as you finish your last term, start preparing for the next one. (And no, that would not kill your summer vacation buzz). The purpose for this is for you to reflect on your attitude and habits that need to be improved before you forget them to make the upcoming academic year bearable. 

Set reasonable resolutions

Failing to keep your resolutions year after year would leave a bitter taste in your mouth and you would end up feeling dejected. One of the ways you could avoid this is by setting reasonable resolutions. Terrible in Math? Set a resolution to have a passing grade instead of being the number one in your class. Of course, there is nothing wrong with aiming for higher than the resolution you set. Setting the bar low would just mean you would not be pressured to overcoming a hurdle you have fixed too high. 

Track these resolutions

If you keep promising yourself that you would read more books to expand your vocabulary or that you practice mental calculations daily to improve your arithmetic skills without the use of a calculator but you are not tracking these resolutions, they are more like empty promises to yourself. Start tracking these resolutions so then you would have a reminder or proof of how dutiful you are in doing your resolutions, or you need to double up on your efforts. 

Celebrate small accomplishments

When you celebrate a job well done in keeping a resolution for a whole month, you’d feel more motivated to continue until the end of the academic year. Reward yourself for small accomplishments. These incentives would remind you of the good things that lay ahead if you are diligent.

Recruit the help of a support buddy

Forging new habits to support these resolutions could be difficult. What better way to ensure that you keep these resolutions? Have a support buddy who would check up on your progress. Make sure though that you recruit a friend who is strict, otherwise your buddy would just convince you to have fun with them instead.

You need to be disciplined to keep up with your resolutions. Although, you must not feel bad if there are times when you fail to do them. What’s important is that you started, and you tried. Sooner than later, you’d get the hang out of it and doing those resolutions would become second nature to you.