29 Aug 2017
Governmental Support & Empowerment for Emirati Women


Subject: Governmental Support & Empowerment for Emirati Women


 Governmental Support & Empowerment for Emirati Women 

The United Arab Emirates, under the leadership of the President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has empowered women to be a vital part of the labor force, be decision makers and be leaders in their respective industries. Council of Ministers members constitutes 27.5% of women, 6 Ambassadresses and 234 women working in the diplomatic field out of 741 representing the UAE abroad.

UAE has been keen to launch a number of initiatives. These initiatives aim to activate the role of women in the business sector and enhance women’s status in all economic, social and political fields.

The statistics indicate the strategic role of our leadership by enhancing the presence of Emirati women, who have received great support and appreciation in various fields. Women in politics have been active since 2006 where 9 seats in the National Assembly were occupied by women and the proportion of female electoral bodies in 2015 reached 48%. This indicates the awareness of the leadership and citizens of UAE, their political maturity and deep faith in women's capabilities and potential.