04 Feb 2019




Learning a new language could be tough and at times boring especially if you don’t have anyone to practice with. But being a polyglot could open a lot of opportunities for you. You could advance your career and work abroad, being an interpreter or a translator or even a travel guide. You’d also be able to connect with people from different nations and you’d be able to enjoy more their culture and way of life. Not to mention how easy it is to ask for directions when you are lost while traveling (if you know the local language).

Learning a new language could also help feed your brain since people who speak more than one language are skillful than others in concentrating, solving problems, thinking critically and are better multitasker.

So, if you want to experience all these benefits, check the list below on some fun ways you could learn a new language.

If you want to learn Nihongo…

Nihongo is the official language in Japan and is spoken by approximately 128 million people. It is the third hardest language to learn after Arabic and Mandarin. Nevertheless, a fun way to learn it is by watching animes. You might think you are not a fan of cartoons, but anime is a different art form and believe me when I tell you that most of these animes are not suitable for children.

Watching an episode or two and you will find yourself being able to pick up some basic and common phrases. Animes also offer a glimpse of the culture, tradition, literature and in other cases, historical background of the Japanese. There are also numerous genres you could choose from; romance, sports, drama, supernatural, horror… you name it, and the Japanese already made an anime about it.  

If you want to learn Korean…

K-pop stars have started invading the airwaves with their infectious and bop inducing songs we find ourselves dancing to even if we don’t understand most of it. More drama fanatics are also binge-watching K-dramas because of the lighthearted and mushy love stories. Not to mention the gorgeous stars who could give any Hollywood A-list star a run for their money with their acting chops. Korean stores have also sprouted in every corner offering clients a seemingly “pore-less” fair complexion.

With all this hype, learning Korean is advisable. And an effective way to learn it is of course listening to K-pop songs and watching K-dramas. With these methods, you wouldn’t feel like you are studying at all! Retaining information is also easy since you are making learning it, interesting.

If you want to learn Spanish…

If you want to learn Español, the best and undeniably the most delicious way to learn it is by eating at an authentic Spanish restaurant. Most Spanish restaurants will have their menus in Spanish with a notation in English as to what the dish really is. Try to order paella, churros, empanada and café con leche in español.

If you want to learn German…

German sounds like a very angry language to non-speakers and perhaps the most suitable way to learn it is playing a board game such as Die Legenden von Andor or KLUGSCHEISSER. How else could you properly express your feelings when you are happily crushing your opponents?

If you want to learn French…

Watch a French film. Since cinema originated from France, it is understandable they produce some of the finest and greatest films.

With all this tips and tricks remember to enjoy the process. And even if your progress might be slow, don’t fret. What matters is that you are trying. Have fun learning!