15 Sep 2020
Factors of Success


Subject: Factors of Success



Factors of Success


With the beginning of the new academic year, Al Falah University wishes new and returning students a successful and productive year through its colleges:

      • College of Business Administration,
      • College of Mass Communication,
      • College of Law,
      • College of Arts and Humanities.


Success in all of its forms and varieties is a goal of every student who enrolls at the University. However, wanting to succeed and doing what is necessary to succeed are two different things.  

Brainstorming thoughts and ideas, each student should transform his creative ideas into achievable processes and action plans, nonetheless, keeping in mind that there are no quick fixes and no easy answers.

Moreover, setting an ultimate measurable goal, students can follow a timely action plan in order to reach a desirable outcome. The action plan should clearly highlight and prioritize tasks and relevant duties.

Referring to other sources such as books or educational databases can also enhance chances in achieving the goal since it will broaden the student’s horizons and increase his/her knowledge. 

Lastly, in order to lead and promote a successful and healthy college experience, keep in mind of the following factors:

      • Keep a positive and proactive attitude
      • Make initiatives and always ask questions
      • Manage time effectively
      • Collaborate with others through teamwork
      • Revise goals through the brainstorming process
      • Analyze mistakes or setbacks
      • Celebrate small and big achievements