29 Aug 2017
Empowered Women in UAE


Subject: Empowered Women in UAE


Empowered Women in UAE

The United Arab Emirates celebrates the 28th of August each year as UAE Women's Day. This year, the theme is "Women are partners in good and giving".

Since the establishment of the State by the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the wise leadership of the United Arab Emirates has nurtured women as leaders in an environment that enable them to innovate and excel in all fields. The leadership believes women are half of the society, and that a society in which women do not take their role remains far from progress and prosperity.

The Emirati women proved their competence and excellence in all their responsibilities and emphasized their strong presence and outstanding contribution in serving the nation in various fields of national work.

UAE women currently occupy about 66% of the jobs in the government sector, including 30% in leadership and decision-making positions in the institutions in which they work, as well as being able to fill the post of President of the Federal National Council, thus becoming the first Arab woman to preside the Parliament.

In the economic field, the number of Emirati businesswomen reached more than 23,000 with a capital of 50 billion dirhams.