08 Mar 2021
Emirati Women's Achievements


Subject: Emirati Women's Achievements


The 8th of March marks the world’s celebration of International Women's Day.


Emirati women have left recognizable impacts on many fields and have contributed as integral role players in building society.   The 8th of March is a day that we stand, with pride, to honor their scientific, educational, medical, parental, and emotional participation in preserving the security of our nation and preparing for a bright future.


With great sacrifices and greater achievements, Emirati women have shone outstandingly in the face of life and/or work challenges, proving their ability to achieve success, and to assume responsibility, socially, institutionally, and nationally.  


On this day and every day, we highlight their effective role in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic as the first line of defense. Treating patients, these women, health carers, doctors, nurses, and volunteers, have shortened the healing process so life can go back as we know it.


The United Arab Emirate’s leadership has reinforced women’s roles and empowered women in all areas to fulfill their journey in any field of their choosing.  In the next 50 years, we will witness the achievements and impact of women working in many fields, and mothers raising the next generations.