07 Oct 2021
Breast Cancer in Women


Subject: Breast Cancer in Women


Continuous Efforts

As part of the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the United Arab Emirates, with its government and private institutions, engaged with the international community to increase the awareness of breast cancer disease and how to combat it and reduce its occurrence especially among women. This is a top priority and included within the UAE’s national agenda. 

The awareness month which falls every October, aims to prevent deaths by urging individuals to take serious steps on caring for their breasts and overall well-being. 

What are cancer cells?

Cancer cells are abnormal cells that grow and multiply exponentially. When cancer cells multiply, they form a lump or tumor in the body. This is what happens when someone has breast cancer, some cells in the breast tissue turn into cancerous cells. 

What is the importance of early detection of breast cancer?

Early detection increases the likelihood of undergoing just a simple treatment, as well as the possibility of a complete recovery. The greatest risk in breast cancer is the possibility of the tumor spreading to other organs such as the lungs, making it difficult to cure and eliminate all cancer cells. This happens in the advanced stages, making the discovery of cancer cells early on extremely vital in determining the plan for treatment. 

It is important for every woman to do a continuous self-examination after turning twenty to take note of any changes that may occur whether in size or appearance. 

When a woman reaches the age of forty, she must undergo an examination once a year or more frequently as per the doctor’s advice, especially if she is a high-risk patient. 

Women whose mother or sister previously had breast cancer; she must consult a doctor to determine the best possible course of action for her not to develop the disease. 

Just as the presence of a tumor in the breast does not necessarily mean that breast cancer, the tumor may be benign or malignant. Benign tumor is non-cancerous, does not spread in the body and usually does not pose a danger, while the malignant tumor is cancerous, multiplies rapidly and may destroy healthy body tissue. Some cells in a tumor could break off and spread to other parts of the body and may be life-threatening.

How do you protect yourself from breast cancer?

You could protect yourself from having breast cancer through proactive steps. Adopting a healthy lifestyle also increases your protection against the disease. Avoid foods rich in fat and monitor your weight. Exercise and engage in physical activities to strengthen your immune system and ensure you are getting enough Vitamin D.