17 Aug 2020
Become a Super Student: Ways on How You Could Help Save the Environment


Subject: Become a Super Student: Ways on How You Could Help Save the Environment


As a student, you might think there are not a lot of things you could do to help save the environment. You could not have been more wrong. In fact, as a student, you could impact the environment more than you could have ever imagine. For one, if you become more involved in saving the Earth as early as now, the butterfly effect of you saving your carbon footprint (no matter how small you think it is) would be positively felt by the future generation. Besides, you could also become a role model or an inspiration to others and that the insignificant difference you think you are making is now expanding exponentially.

Recycle your school supplies

If you have notebooks that are not filled from last semester, use them again the next semester. Don’t buy a new notebook just because it’s a new semester. If we would lessen our purchases of paper, more trees would be saved. For print outs and photocopies of last semester’s lessons, donate them to institutions and establishments that recycle them.

Go digital

Going digital is another way you could do your part as a student in helping save the environment. If your school or university permits laptops, tablets or other gadgets use them during your lectures so you would lessen the use of paper and pens which might not be recyclable. Going digital is also more convenient since you would be having e-copies of all your files and you would not risk losing them as opposed to having them in your notebooks which could be misplaced. When you go digital, it does not necessarily mean though that you would forego using paper. You are just reducing your paper trail.

Participate in community engagements that deal with the environment

When your school or university ask you about community projects or activities that you want to participate in, choose one that deal with the environment. Perhaps there is a tree planting event, or a beach clean-up. Sign up to these activities and do your part in saving the environment. It would not even feel like it is a school thing since you’d be having tons of fun spending an afternoon in the beach with your classmates and friends.

Be a responsible shopper

Nowadays, there have been more and more commercial establishments that are being eco-friendly. If the supermarket 10 blocks away from you are using paper bags instead of plastics, support this establishment instead of the supermarket nearer you that is not being “green”. Buy from manufacturers that use recycled materials and if possible, avoid buying single use products. No matter how dutiful you are following these ways, you might still feel disheartened because you think you are not making any difference. When you are feeling like this, remember that every little thing matter. And if we all do our part, we’d be able to save the flora and fauna that are about to become extinct