19 Aug 2020
A Lecture on Raising Awareness and Preventing Coronavirus


Subject: A Lecture on Raising Awareness and Preventing Coronavirus


For the purposes of implementing precautionary measures and getting ready for the new Academic Year 2020-2021, Al Falah University in cooperation with Emirates Specialist Hospital, organized a virtual workshop for awareness and prevention of Coronavirus. Academic and administrative staff members attended the lecture by Dr. Youmna Dirani, an infectious disease specialist via Zoom.

At the beginning, Dr. Dirani spoke about the latest developments in the Coronavirus, and general advice and guidelines that must be followed to prevent infection, pointing out the importance of public hygiene and the use of disinfectant to avoid the spread of the virus. She also recommended avoiding large crowds and constantly covering the mouth and nose with masks.

The doctor discussed how the Coronavirus is transmitted from person to person via droplets from an infected person through coughing, sneezing, or contaminated hands. She also discussed the symptoms associated with the disease such as fever, cough, throat pain, headache, shortness and difficulty in breathing, and pneumonia.Before the workshop ends, Dr. Dirani opened the floor for question and answers.