As part of Al Falah University’s initiatives aimed at supporting university students in their academic fields of study and helping them prepare for the labor market, Student Affairs organized through the “Microsoft Excellence” program a lecture entitled “Teaching Methods” presented by Dr. Khaled Al-Darbashi - Doctor of Curricula and Teaching Methods - Head of the Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching.

The meeting was attended by a group of university students, in addition to the faculty members. During the meeting, Dr. Al-Darbashi explained modern teaching methods and models and the method of communicating information to students, stressing that the educational process is a reciprocal process, polished by realistic practical experience referring to the strategies used in the teaching process (learning and teaching).

He also emphasized that education is a set of external processes and procedures in which the learner is intentionally placed to achieve certain goals, the essence of which is that the student’s role is to learn so that he acquires knowledge, skills, and experiences. He also indicated that teaching is a professional activity performed by the teacher through basic processes and procedures aimed at helping students.

During the meeting, Dr. Al-Darbashi clarified the concept of the teaching strategy and its connection with the procedures and means carried out by the faculty member to achieve effective learning through the use of effective teaching methods and the utilization of students' motives, needs, and interests.

At the end of the meeting, he touched upon the definition of a number of strategies such as critical thinking strategy which helps us control our way of thinking, examine the information, and know right from wrong, pointing to the mechanism of using this strategy individually or collectively.