Preparing students for final exams by promoting healthy mental and physical state, Student Affairs, in cooperation with the Erada Center for Treatment and Rehabilitation in Dubai, organized an awareness lecture entitled: "Taking care of your mental health", presented by Mrs.  Nada Ali.

During the lecture, Mrs. Nada Ali stressed the importance of having a balanced life style that promotes physical and psychological wellbeing. Eating healthy food in good proportions and performing physical activities, enhance the overall mental health of the individual and thus increase motivation for good academic performance and outstanding achievements. 

Mrs. Nada also explained broadly the meaning of wellbeing, which is a happy state of being healthy and contempt.   Wellbeing is not limited to the absence of disease or disability; it also includes a good mental health. The individual feels emotional and physical stability and constant improvement where he/she positively interacts with those around him. In addition, he/she can handle challenges and provide care and love for others. 

Mrs. Nada also offered several tips for living peacefully to reach a sense of contentment and happiness, through prioritizing the individual’s needs and happiness, overcoming the past challenges, and working in the present to overcome fears in the future.