To strengthen the relationship with students and to encourage more open communication, Student Council organized a virtual meeting via MS Teams. In the presence of AFU President, Prof. Adi Arida, Vice President for Academic Affairs Prof. Amjad Al Nasser, Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Ashraf Jahmani and the Student Council members, President Hamad Langawi, Vice President Salem Kaadi and other members, the meeting was held on the 18th of February, 2021.

The virtual meeting aimed to inform the management of students' suggestions, feedback, and grievances - if any. Prof. Arida lauded the efforts of the Student Council and their willingness and dedication to be the student body’s voice in communicating their concerns to the management. He also informed all the attendees of the prominent achievements by the University during the past period and its endeavor to continue to progress and raise the University’s level through obtaining international accreditations.

The Student Council President Hamad Langawi thanked Prof. Arida and the other attendees for the opportunity provided to the Student Council to express their opinions, ideas, and issues; additionally, he emphasized on the constant concern of health and safety of all the students during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Vice President Salem Kaadi explained the issues that the Council faces with regards to their tasks of communicating with the students to find out about their problems and concerns and relaying them to the administration. He also informed the management about the Council’s plans to organizing social, athletic, cultural, or religious events, and activities.