With AFU’s eagerness to improve the students’ competencies in using the e-learning system, Student Affairs at Al Falah University organized a workshop for students via MS Teams on preparing for the Midterm exams for the Second Semester of the Academic Year 2020-2021 to familiarize the students on how to use the program “Lockdown Browser” and using the Moodle.

Mr. Ali Al Alaimi from the General Education Department headed the workshop in the presence of the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Ashraf Jahmani.

During the workshop, Mr. Alaimi clarified the most important technical requirements that must be met to finish the exam using the Lockdown Browser and what should be done to avoid any technical difficulties during exams. He also explained in his presentation how to use Moodle and how the student could access the exam schedules and dates using it.

AFU seeks through various activities and workshops to positively achieve course learning outcomes via e-learning system and making sure it is ready for the students’ use.

Final exam instructions

  • LockDown Browser will be activated
  • Operation System- Windows 7,8,10 or Mac OS 10 X 10 or higher. Windows 10S is not supported.
  • Make sure your computer is up to date with all the OS updates.
  • Login to https://vlearning.afu.ac.ae/moodle/login/index.phpusing google chrome. (Do not open lockdown browser directly)
  • Sit on a place where you have the best Wi-Fi / Internet coverage.
  • Disconnect Xbox, Netflix, Nintendo, PlayStation, or any other streaming services from your network before you start your exam, running these services during exams will reduce the internet speed.
  • Please do not use the headphone or Air pods during the exam and don’t cover your eyes.
  • It is not allowed to use mobile phones, tablets or iPads in order to ensure taking the exams smoothly.
  • Using Mobile phones or Tablet devices to implement the exams is banned.
  • Create Quiet and comfortable environment for exam and make sure to attend individually.
  • Please do not login to Microsoft Teams during the exams
  • Please do not contact with the instructors during the exams
  • Prepare the laptop device and log in into the system at least (20) minutes prior to exam time
  • Accessing the exam is prohibited after (15) minutes from the starting time. Signing out from the exam is not allowed before half of the exam.
  • Download the lockdown browser to access the exam.
  • In case you were conducting your exam outside home, please make sure you connect to internet through your own data (4G).
  • If you have minor Laptop problems, kindly contact IT at https://afusupport.afu.ac.ae/eticket/ to resolve the issue in good/enough time before the final exams, If there is a major hardware problem (i.e. router), please consult an internet local server vendor (Etisalat / du) to fix the problem. If there is a major hardware problem Please consult a IT Local server vendor to fix the problem.
  • DO NOT use your work Wi-Fi.
  • Make sure that you are facing the camera during the exam. Bearing in mind that the University is keen on the privacy of students regarding the videos recorded during the exam performance.
  • In case of violating the exam instructions, the university rules will be applied.
  • In case of any technical issues occur, IT Team shall be available to fully provide you with the necessary Please Call for any inquiries. IT Support Team – 04 - 2338100 (Calls will be routed to Arabic and English-speaking IT team)

Technical instructions.

  • Make sure your computer is up to date with all the OS updates.
  • Your answers to each questions will be auto-saved, after moving onto the next questions. 
  • If you see lockdown browser stuck on white page, ”Required parameter missing” or not loading, immediately restart your computer and try again.
  • Use keyboard shortcut if you have multiple input languages configured in your computer, like most of you have Arabic and English added. Keyboard shortcut for Windows is [Alt] + [Shift] and for Mac it depends on your OS version. Test and confirm switching language works before you start the exam.
  • Please be seated in a brightly lit place with full face visible on camera, this is very important.