Student Affairs at Al Falah University, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Prevention, organized an awareness meeting entitled “Precautionary Measures to Prevent Covid-19 from a Health Perspective” presented by Dr. Radwa Al Toukhi, Practicing Physician in the Preventive Medicine Department. 

The President of the University, academic and administrative staff members and students attended the meeting which aims to spread awareness regarding the virus and how important it is to commit to all precautionary and preventive measures in flattening the curve. 

Dr. Radwa clarified the instigated protocol for the return of students to educational facilities and what the institutions need to look after to achieve a safe, healthy and stimulating learning environment during the pandemic. 

She also mentioned the possible levels of risks and how to minimize them, the general basis for the safe reopening of educational facilities, the importance of getting vaccinated and maintaining a safe distance between the students and academic and administrative staff members of the University without compromising the level of service being provided. 

Notifying the proper authorities in case of symptoms is also imperative as stressed by Dr. Radwa such as high temperature, persistent cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, headache or loss of sense of smell or taste. 

She also pointed out the importance of the commitment of students and university employees to wearing a mask, sterilizing and sanitizing their hands with soap and water, having first aid items for emergency cases and an isolation room to quarantine suspected cases.