Student Affairs at Al Falah University organized a video lecture entitled "Social Media and its Impact on Children" presented by Dr. Amjad Abu Jaddi.

Dr. Abu Jaddi stated that the massive spread of social media has had a great impact on its users, especially children and adolescents, who spend a long time using these platforms.

He added that despite the necessity of using modern technology for children to help express themselves, Dr. Amjad showed the most prominent negative effects of social media on those under the age of 18, including the lack of motor activity, which causes obesity and diseases, in addition to a noticeable decrease in personal and face to face communication and an increase in isolation tendencies among adolescent family members which is alarming.

Dr. Abu Jaddi also stressed that some of the features in using communication platform are good for children, as they are interesting and educational, but he noted that with the ease of accessing information the need to monitor children and to prevent them from being exposed to various negative circumstances such as bullying, sexual harassment, addiction to electronic games that may affect their personalities became imperative.

He also explained the other harms of using social networking sites which may expose a child who does not have sufficient awareness of deceptive or inappropriate information or content to have psychological problems that may lead to frequent mood swings, and the feeling of dissatisfaction with life in general.

He also highlighted the harm of children's misuse of social media, as it may lead to a decrease in creativity, innovation, thinking skills, and realistic communication with others which in the end may abet the development of a narcissistic personality.