To celebrate the International Day of University Sports, the Student Affairs at Al Falah University organized a virtual meeting for students to encourage students to participate in physical activities.  The lecture showed the social role that the university plays by establishing student sports club to encourage students to be more active and to develop sportsmanship, and teamwork.

The invited speaker is sports coach Mr. Musa Abu Nada who is also a sports referee and bodybuilder who thoroughly explained the importance of nutrition and adapting healthy habits to have an able body to practice and play a sport. He also stressed the need to exercise and to eat a delicious and balanced meal.

Furthermore, Mr. Musa Abu Nada also informed the attendees about the sports that could be practiced as early as childhood such as gymnastics and swimming because both require agility and flexibility. Other sports could be practiced and enjoyed by children 12 years of age.

Additionally, Ms. Hamda Al Suwaidi, a graduate of the Bachelor of Mass Communications in Public Relations was also invited as a guest speaker since she is an expert fencer and managing the fencing team at Shabab Al Ahli Dubai. She disclosed with the participants her journey as a fencer and her hardships and successes with the UAE national fencing team – women’s category.

Ms. Hamda also gave some advice with the attendees to balance sports and other aspects of life. She stressed that physical activity is important but so as the other parts of life such as studies, careers, relationships etc.

Mr. Rashid Ibrahim, AFU Student, also spoke about his experience as an amateur cyclist. He shared that the sport is part of his life and said that we should challenge ourselves and nothing is impossible if we set our minds to it. He is an example of someone who manages to balance his studies and training to achieve honor and recognition in the future as an athelete.