In cooperation with the Dubai Police Council, Student Affairs at Al Falah University organized a workshop for students on how to improve their communication skills, presented by Dr. Qasim Al-Omari, Director of Training at the Emirates Foundation.

During the workshop, Dr. Al-Omari presented several factors that contribute to refining the students' communication skills. He also indicated the importance of students having a positive view of themselves and that if they are confident, they would be more comfortable and articulate in expressing themselves. Self-esteem is the key to positively and strongly make our voices heard.

He also mentioned that the most important advice on communication skills and dealing with others is to get accustomed to oneself to build the mind, spirit and personality. Once we are comfortable about ourselves it would be easier to combat negative thoughts and emotions such as feelings of shame, fear and uncertainties and unwillingness to collaborate with others.

Dr. Qassem also added that a person's position influences his relationships and communication skills, the circumstance, the matter at hand, patience when disagreeing about differing opinions and the willingness to improve one’s communications skills.

Dr. Ashraf Jahmani, Dean of Student Affairs attended the workshop with several students, academic and administrative staff members.