Student Affairs at Al Falah University organized an orientation session entitled "Good Study Habits" coinciding with the approaching midterm exams for the first semester of the academic year 2021-2022.

Dr. Samer Abdel Hadi, Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities presided the session. During the meeting, he explained the following exceptional study habits to minimize the time and effort spent on studying, to enable students achieve what they aspire and to help them improve their educational attainment. He also explained the meaning of sound study habits and the methods to be followed to increase the students’ ability to understand, memorize, learn and benefit more from studying. 

Dr. Abdel Hadi also stressed studying is the responsibility of the student and that success could be achieved if a student exerts more effort into developing sound study habits not only before an exam. Among these habits include planning and choosing an appropriate and conducive environment for studying, away from any distractions such as mobile phone or television. In addition to organizing and adhering to a consistent study schedule and prioritizing in accordance to the scope and importance of study material to be covered. Concentrating first on subjects or courses that the student is having the most difficulty with is also recommended. 

He also urged the students to write a simple summary of the lesson from the main points and other relevant and related ideas (conceptual online), to take a short break between studying, to avoid studying half an hour before bed time and to start studying 30 to 90 minutes after a meal.

One of the good habits that Dr. Abdel Hadi explained during the session is that the student should expect difficult questions and should know how to answer them. In the same context, he stressed that achieving academic excellence is also attributed to concentrating and focusing during lectures, paying extra attention to what the instructor is saying, writing down important points and reviewing it after the lecture at home to avoid being overwhelmed with information when reviewing a night before the exam. 

Dr. Abdel Hadi also reminded the students that on exam day, they must carefully read the instructions and questions and to make sure to be hydrated during the exam. He also enumerated some wrong study habits to be avoided such as:

      • Reviewing the lessons until the last moment
      • Drinking a lot of coffee and smoking cigarettes while studying and preparing for the exam
      • Not having enough sleep, the night before the exam
      • Not realizing that some subjects and courses require more effort and time to study for
      • Underestimating the time needed to understand and memorize course materials
      • Having a mindset that studying is boring