In cooperation with the Council for College and University of Dubai Police, Student Affairs at Al Falah University, through the "Zoom" program, organized a lecture entitled: "Your Awareness is Protection" presented by First Lieutenant Khawla Sultan, Head of the Addiction and Post-Care Counseling Department.


During the meeting attended by the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Ashraf Jahmani, and university students, First Lieutenant Khawla Sultan discussed the dangers of drug use and their negative, threatening impact on society and on individual's life.  She also encouraged students to help other infected members, who have recovered from drug addiction, to provide mental and physical support in order to aid them integrate into society. 


Additionally, First Lieutenant Khawla Sultan explained factors that promote drug abuse and addiction including ignorance on the threatening impact of 1st drug abuse experience, no religious or spiritual tenacity, and the choice of bad companions and friends, in addition to, social and family problems, and personality disorders.


She further examined the negative and devastating effects resulting from the abuse of narcotic substances, which inflict psychological and material harm and end with a person’s addiction and death in most cases.


By providing this series of lectures and sessions to AFU students, Al Falah University seeks to educate students with the necessary comprehensive knowledge educationally and socially to help them advance in their personal and professional lives. The University is keen to collaborate with concerned authorities to transmit messages aimed at educating students about many issues that may face them inside and outside the university.