In cooperation with the Student Affairs, the College of Arts and Humanities at Al Falah University, through the "Microsoft Teams" program, held a workshop entitled "Create an Initiative in your Community", presented by Dr. Maryam Al Balushi. The workshop aims to promote the creation of volunteering initiatives that serve the local community.


During the workshop, Dr. Maryam spoke about how to create community initiatives, in a way that would benefit members of society. In addition, she presented realistic examples of initiatives that are implemented in the United Arab Emirates and some neighboring countries and addressed the nature of innovative volunteer work and the spirit of the teamwork needed to accomplish these campaigns.


She further explained different approaches to create an innovative community initiative including:

  • Incremental innovation: the most common form of innovation using available technology.
  • Radical innovation: based on creating revolutionary technologies that help find the best innovative solutions to support society by enhancing the well-being of the individual.