On the Islamic occasion of Isra'a and Miraj, the College of Arts and Humanities, in collaboration with Student Affairs, held a meeting through the "Microsoft Teams" program entitled "Differences between Miracles and Blessings", presented by Prof. Aref Hassouna from the United Arab Emirates University.


Through these activities and extracurricular sessions, the College of Arts and Humanities aims to spread culture and knowledge among students studying the Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies and the Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language and Literature interacting with current celebrations and prominent events that Muslims mark significantly. 


During the meeting, Prof. Aref Hassouna explained that the miracle is associated with the claim of prophethood, unlike blessings, because the owner of it does not claim prophethood but has achieved this honor or blessing by following the Prophet.


The meeting was attended by Dr. Samer Abdel-Hadi, Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities, faculty members, and a group of university students.