The Alumni Association Club’s Executive Board held its first meeting for the Academic Year 2020-2021, in the presence of the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Ashraf Jahmani.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Ashraf thanked the nine members of the board and stated that the first goal of the meeting is to determine the vision and mission of the club and to come up with various community engagement activities aimed at strengthening ties with the alumni. The club also proposed to establish a communication channel that contributes to helping alumni develop their skills to navigate the challenges they face in their professional life.

During the meeting, members elected and appointed the Chairman of the Executive Board of the Alumni Association Club, Rashid Al-Sumaiti, an alumnus from the College of Mass Communication. The members expressed their appreciation for the club, stressing the need for continuous communication with the University to convey the practical reality that graduates experience, such as opportunities and work development in the labor market. The club also wishes to contribute to empowering current University students by sharing their ideas and experiences as their seniors.


Members of the AFU Alumni Association Club’s Executive Board

Zayed Ibrahim Mohamad Ahmad
Rashed Hussain Ahmad Alsumaiti
Mohammad Hasan Alotebi
Sara Kazem Dawood Jassem
Aziza Dilwash
Abdulla Abbas Namat Alfarsi
Hassn Abdulla Ali Alkhzaimi
Maitha Mohamed Khalifa Alsuwaidi
Amira Abdulaziz Abdulrahman Almarzooqi