Al Falah University participated in the Academic Majors Exhibition organized virtually via the “Zoom” platform in cooperation with Sharjah Public Libraries, affiliated to the Sharjah Book Authority, with the participation of 13 universities, colleges and institutions in the United Arab Emirates. The exhibition was a rousing success with the participation of 1,500 students, alumni and parents. 

The exhibition provided students with information about study options inside and outside the UAE. College deans, faculty members and academics informed secondary school students why they should obtain their bachelor’s degree from Al Falah University. Requirements for admission, available academic programs offered via the various Colleges (College of Business Administration, the College of Mass Communication, the College of Law, and the College of Arts and Humanities) were among the pertinent information discussed during the session. 

Dr. Samer Abdel Hadi, Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities, gave a virtual presentation entitled “From University to Professional Life” which included an overview of the academic programs, university activities and skills that students develop while studying, and how these learnings would benefit the graduates in their professional and personal life after graduation. 

The College Deans also participated by providing a detailed presentation of their respective Colleges and possible job opportunities for the students if and when they pursued a certain academic major or specialization. 

Alumnus Abdullah Al-Farsi from the College of Law related his personal experiences while studying at Al Falah University and how he benefitted from having a bachelor’s in law degree. The College Deans also allotted several minutes after the presentation for answering several questions that were raised. 

Through its participation, Al Falah University seeks to inform students and parents to choose the most appropriate academic programs offered by the University that is in line with the rapid transformation and development of the diverse industries and sectors.