As part of the five years scientific research strategy (2020-2025) of Al Falah University which includes creating a conducive and stimulating environment for faculty members by supporting their research endeavors, the Central Scientific Research and Conferences Committee organized “Research Forum 2021”. Attended by the President of the University, Prof. Adi Arida, Colleges Deans and faculty members, the forum aimed to improve the University’s standing as one of the most prominent institution of higher education in the region.

The Chairman of the Committee, Dr. Umar Nawaz opened the forum by welcoming the speakers and participants, stressing the University’s keenness to provide all forms of support to enrich scientific research activities, one of which is participating in conferences, forums and being adept in publishing in top rated scientific journals. 

During the forum, Prof. Arida also stated: “The University is constantly working to develop and improve its scientific research strategy to ensure the achievement of a culture of research excellence and for the University and the academics to be recognized as an institution with a strong research foundation.” He also expressed his appreciation for the committee’s work in organizing the forum and reminded the faculty members to devote their time focusing on research topics within their respective specializations. 

The forum which was held at Al Falah University Auditorium on 24th November 2021 dealt with several topics which encompasses the faculty members discipline such as Business Administration, Media, Statistics, Social Sciences and Law among others. 

Before the forum concluded, a question and answer segment were opened during which faculty members especially those active in research were encouraged to share their experiences and to provide advices and insights. The forum also discussed how to collaborate, promote and publish research papers in accredited scientific journals.