Celebrating the Emirati Women’s Day, Student Affairs at AFU organized a ceremony to honor esteemed women of the UAE society for their efforts in the continuous development of the country. Prof. Adi Arida, President of the University, Dr. Samer Abdel Hadi, Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities and other academic and administrative staff members have attended the event. 

Prof. Arida welcomed the distinguished guests and delivered a speech of gratitude for the Emirati women not only for their efforts but also for being a symbol of happiness and positivity. He also celebrated several significant success stories and achievements that Emirati women have accomplished and are still pursuing. 

The President has also highlighted the roles and responsibilities of Emirati women being students, mothers, employees and entrepreneurs as they prove themselves in various fields.

Prof. Arida honored Ms. Zubaida Qusay, Ms. Asmaa Al-Hali, Ms. Salma Yasser, and Ms. Fatima Al-Arry for their achievements in their respective fields by presenting every one of them with a certificate of appreciation and commemorative plaque in recognition of their productive contribution to society.