The Student Affairs in cooperation with the Injaz UAE organized a workshop via the Zoom app entitled “How to have a Successful Career Amidst the Pandemic” presented by Mr. Mohamed Al-Zaraei. The workshop aims to aid students in preparing to respond to the needs of the labor market and how to find the most appropriate job. The workshop is timely especially in the light of the pandemic that affected almost all industries and business sectors. 

Graduating students who are the target audience of the workshop attended with several academic and administrative staff members. During the workshop, Mr. Al-Zaraei discussed the cutting-edge method of job hunting in light of the pandemic. He taught the students how to write a distinguished CV and how to conduct remote interviews. 

He also addressed the importance of setting clear goals at the beginning of the students’ professional life and working to achieve these goals, as there are several ways to do this, including having the answer to the following questions: What do you enjoy doing? What are your talents? What you will contribute and add to this world and how will you be able to support yourself.

He discussed important points for conducting remote interviews, knowing about the necessary qualifications about the vacant job, and what the employer is looking for. He also reiterated that in present time, professionalism at work and having multiple viable skills is a necessity to climb the corporate ladder and become well known in their respective fields.