Student Affairs, with one of its aims and objectives to train graduating students, prepare them to join the workforce and respond to the requirement of the labor market, cooperated with Injaz Foundation for a virtual training workshop entitled Career Success”.

Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Samer Abdel Hadi with several academic and administrative staff members attended the workshop.

The workshop covered numerous relevant and important topics and the importance of setting clear career goals early on was also discussed.

Mr. Baharat khiara Trainer from Injaz, addressed the importance of setting clear goals at the onset to provide a well-defined career path. He also discussed the various ways to achieve these goals. First and foremost, by having an answer to the following questions: What do you enjoy doing? What are your talents? What you will contribute and add to this world and how will you be able to support yourself?

He explained that answering the questions would lead to a better understanding of what we want to get more out of life. He also presented several models for inspiration and by following the footsteps of famous and influential people in various fields.

He also discussed important points for how to professionally conduct ones self during interviews, the importance of knowing about the vacant jobs duties and responsibilities, and what employers are looking for today in a possible employee. He summarized that this encompasses the professionalism and being adept with multiple skills that the sector or industry deem profitable.