In cooperation with Al-Nahda Women’s Association, the Student Affairs at Al Falah University, via the Zoom app, organized a lecture entitled “The Impact of Volunteering in Treating Behavioral Problems” by Mrs Moza Al-Shuwaihi, a family and educational counselor.

At the beginning of the lecture, Mrs Moza Al-Shuwaihi spoke about the concept of human behavior and volunteer work, its motives and its impact on behavior and in being a good citizen by participating in volunteer work. 

Mrs Moza explained that volunteer work is a physical and intellectual exertion that a person makes in anticipation of reward from God Almighty and one should not wait for a compensation or favor from the party, noting that the concept of behavior and its aspects are classified according to psychologists as follows::

    • Cognitive aspect
    • Physical aspect
    • Emotional aspect

During the lecture, Mrs Mozah indicated that volunteer work contributes to treating some behavioral deviations, as it enhances the values of giving, honesty, and positivity. It also works to inculcate a culture of belonging and loyalty to the society by strengthening social cohesion between different groups, and volunteering works to combat introversion by dealing with others with the principle of mutual respect.