The College of Mass Communication at Al Falah University organized, through the Zoom application, the Media Forum for the Future of Public Relations under the slogan “Media between Reality and Expectations”, with the participation of experts, media professionals in the fields of communication and multi-media and more than 200 participants from various academic and media institutions from Arab and foreign countries, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, India, and Macedonia.

At the beginning of the forum, the President of the University, Prof. Adi Arida, welcomed the attendees, saying, "Media at the present time is distinguished by its rapid delivery of information, flexibility, and strong influence on the public.  Evolving continuously, social media networks and public relations have become today available sources to everyone; it is shaping our reality , affecting our tangible world, and highlighting a bright image of any institution both internally and externally."

Prof. Adi Arida expressed his happiness at receiving a group of media experts from local and international universities, including Al Qasimia University (UAE), CUCA City University College of Ajman (UAE), Helwan University (Egypt), Amity University (UAE), Goce Delčev University (Macedonia), in addition to, professionals from leading media institutions such as Dubai Media Incorporated (UAE), and Arab Public Relations Council (Egypt). (To view forum brochure and speakers, please click here)

Sharing their expertise, participants have discussed the future of public relations in light of recent social developments and artificial intelligence; in addition to, appropriate, innovative solutions to face challenges that may affect public relations sector.

The Dean of the College of Mass Communication, Dr. Hassan Mustafa, indicated that in light of the rapid growth of modern digital media, public relations officials have been forced to re-employ content through social media and use modern technology tools, to move from traditional public relations to digital public relations.

Dr. Hassan added that the students of the College of Mass Communication had an effective role in preparing and organizing the forum as part of their academic education that helps them in implementing theoretical learning with applicable knowledge. These events aim to refine students’ personality and provide them with the multidisciplinary skills needed after graduation. 

The forum shed light, during its sessions, on the importance of digital media at the present time, the future of public relations and means of development in light of new challenges and keeping pace with the future. The forum also discussed the remarkable demand of students to study media and public relations.