Dear students,

With the aim of achieving intensive precautionary and preventive measures against the Covid-19 pandemic, the “distance learning system” in all theoretical courses and “hybrid system” in the practical and applied courses will be implemented at Al Falah University for the First Semester of the Academic Year 2020 – 2021. The decision is made to ensure the safety of students and staff and based on the availability of a distinctive technological infrastructure at Al Falah University that made online learning simpler for students during the last semester of the Academic Year 2019-2020.

As for the evaluation exams that require the physical presence of the students in the university campus, the University will announce the appropriate procedures and methods to conduct examinations with taking into account all the precautionary and preventive measures, in the event the exam is held in the campus.

The implementation of this system comes in accordance with the government’s directives to prepare for the post Covid-19 phase. This is also in line with the plans of the Ministry of Education to grant universities with freedom on how to implement the teaching system. Al Falah University is already implementing this system and is equipped to provide distinguished and high-quality education.

The university’s decision on implementing distance learning will be applied to the next first semester only, with the absolute adherence to two basic conditions, namely: "health protection and quality of education."

Best wishes and safety to everyone.