Al Falah University in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs organized a Media and Entrepreneurship Forum under the title "The Contribution of Media to the Development of Entrepreneurship" to talk about the employment of digital media in support of entrepreneurship and business.

Karim Deeb of the GT Arab team presided the meeting with the attendance of Prof. Abdelhafi Belarbi, AFU President and academic and administrative staff members.

Mr. Deeb spoke about the importance of spreading the culture of entrepreneurship and self-employment among young people and harnessing and activating the media’s role in supporting entrepreneurial projects. The significance of forming media partnerships aimed at supporting entrepreneurs, promoting them and facilitating the marketing tasks of their projects was also discussed.

During the meeting, Prof. Belarbi said that "Shedding light on inspiring stories and experiences, such as the Arab GT channel which is led by a group of young people, reinforces the role of youth, and supports entrepreneurship, small and medium enterprises despite the challenges facing the business sector today”.

He also indicated that rich content is one of the key factors for the success of pioneering media in achieving its mission, achieving professionalism and taking advantage of modern media.