In the presence of the President of Al Falah University, Prof. Abdelhafid Belarbi, the Open Day organized by the College of Business Administration formally opened with the participation of private companies, schools, governmental and other institutions.

Prof. Belarbi stated during his opening speech that, "Through these extracurricular activities in the life of a student, we are keen to discover their talents, refine their skills, and provide them with experiences that could help them with their life after graduation." He also added that such events help students gain real-world experiences and establishes a link and or network with various industrial sectors to assist in forming professional relationships even if they are still studying.

Activities include entertainment events with food stalls available offering traditional to contemporary food.

Students of the College of Business Administration had the opportunity to meet with representatives of participating institutions and learn about training, employment and internship opportunities. The Open Day also provided a clear idea of the current trend of the labor market to the students to help them choose appropriate academic majors in response to the demand of the labor market.