Student Affairs, with its aims and objectives to train students and prepare them for joining the workforce and responding to the requirement of the labor market, cooperated with Injaz Foundation for a training workshop entitled “Career Success”. Presented by Prof. Mahdi Al Basri, the workshop’s goal is to help the students choose the right career path.

Graduating students, faculty members and administrative staff attended the workshop. 

Prof. Al Basri addressed the importance of setting clear career goals and every decision must lead to achieving them. He stated that answering the following questions could help anyone come up with what they aspire to accomplish: What do you like to do? What are your talents? What work do you enjoy? How would you contribute to the world and mankind? How do you plan on supporting yourself?

He explained that answering the questions would lead to a better understanding of what we want to get more out of life. He also presented several models to be successful in life by following the footsteps of famous and influential people in various fields.

Prof. Al Basri also explained to students the job application stages, from job announcement, to interview, evaluation and eventually signing a work contract. He also explained the meaning of work professionalism and the important foundations on which work behaviors, qualities and skills are developed.