To raise awareness regarding breast cancer, Al Falah University in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Prevention arranged for a virtual workshop to discuss the important of early detection of breast cancer via regular self-examination. Attended by students, faculty members and administrative staff, the workshop also tackled how the disease could be avoided by eating healthy food and leading an active lifestyle.

An open dialogue about the psychological implications of breast cancer to the patient and their families was also discussed. Dr. Kholoud Al Suwaidi, a consultant physician in family medicine also explained the factors that cause breast cancer, how to self-examine and the importance of early detection by being attentive and by getting a mammogram annually for women over the age of forty or for women with a family history of the disease.

Towards the end of the workshop, videos raising awareness were shown to encourage participants in conducting self-examination. Mrs. Randa Al Mustaha talked about her experience and struggles with the disease while Ms. Keriman Bouzo explained that breast cancer, like any types of cancer is curable by 98% if discovered at an early age. She also added that the disease is a result of genetic mutation of cancer cells in the body and the disease being hereditary ranges from 5% to 10% thus encouraging women with family history of the disease to regularly get checked since prevention is always better than cure.