Al Falah University participated in the International Forum for Government Communication 2020 organized by the International Center for Government Communication of the Media Office of the Government of Sharjah, where Dr. René Ramsis of the Faculty of Mass Communication gave a lecture entitled "The Impact of Information Technology on Government Communication".

Dr. Ramsis explained the role of information technology in promoting government communication services. She focused on analyzing the content of the e-government of the United Arab Emirates and how to use it for interaction between citizens and the government. She adopted in her study the analysis of the website on four determinants: transparency, interaction, accessibility and usability, and evaluation.

The e-government of the United Arab Emirates seeks to connect the members of the community with its electronic services by facilitating the process of electronic communication and simplifying the procedures of its electronic transactions. This is in accordance with the needs of the citizens in various aspects. The study recommended the need to update the internal links available in the UAE e-government website.