The College of Law at Al Falah University in cooperation with the Dubai Economic Department organized an awareness workshop on commercial control services and consumer protection in addition to intellectual property protection, presented by Mr. Ibrahim Behzad, Director of Intellectual Property Protection Department in the Commercial Control and Consumer Protection Sector at the Department of Economic Development in Dubai, Professor Sarah Soleitin, Professor Alia Al-Hamrani from the Consumer Education Department, and Hessa Al-Sebousi from the Business Education Department.

As Mr. Ibrahim Behzad presented the mechanism of Dubai’s economic work in chasing violators of the intellectual property rights law, he stated that the commercial control and consumer protection sector has radically changed the control mechanism in the markets. The department also focused on tracking main suppliers of counterfeit goods and wholesalers due to the increased caution of wholesalers, seizures are made in the early hours of the day or late at night.

Meanwhile, Prof. Sarah Soleitin pointed out that Dubai’s economy always seeks to enhance its partnership with the private sector of intellectual property rights holders and law firms to make Dubai a better place for protecting intellectual property rights. She also added that the United Arab Emirates gives great importance to the issue of intellectual property rights and has imposed strict laws and procedures to protect it. 

Prof. Hessa Al-Sabousi said that Dubai’s economy laid down an integrated strategy to enhance the culture of innovation and creativity, as they are the two main pillars in building a competitive knowledge-based economy. Part of this strategy also include to develop a system that protects intellectual and creative production in all its forms and to create a supportive and stimulating environment for scientists, researchers and innovators qualified to conceive a better future.

Professor Alia Al-Hamrani from the Consumer Education Department concluded by addressing the importance of introducing students to the duties of copyright management and the efforts of the UAE to spread cultural awareness to protect copyright.