Al Falah University in cooperation with Dubai Customs organized a march to raise awareness on intellectual property rights, under the slogan "Emirates rights reserved" as part of the university's campaign to educate the community about intellectual property rights and to emphasize the importance of protecting moral and material interests of individuals, institutions and companies for their literary or artistic production.
Many students, faculty and administrative staff members, in addition to a group of Dubai Customs employees and onlookers participated in the march that started in City Walk area and a total distance of 5 km interspersed with promotional activities that discuss the role of the UAE and the Dubai Custom’s efforts in protection of intellectual property rights.
On this occasion, Prof. Abdelhafid Belarbi, President of the University, said that new innovations in all areas of intellectual property lead to the progress and advancement of humanity, and the provision of legal protection for new innovations paves the way for new innovators.
Prof. Belarbi pointed out that interest in intellectual property and its protection is what the United Arab Emirates in general and Dubai Customs in particular focuses on, contributing to achieving economic, social, cultural and scientific development.